Keep The Light On

A Ghostlight burns in empty theatres as a beacon against the dark and as a promise to soon retake the stage.

We will all return to the stage. Until then, GLP will keep its own Ghostlight burning for all of you.

UPDATE, Nov, 2021: Our industry was down for a long time, but it is getting up again!
2022 will be a great year! And it brings us the new impression X5 series from GLP - Stay Tuned!

About the Ghostlight.


Theatrical folk are a superstitious lot. Wishing actors a broken leg (don't ever tell them "good luck") or avoiding whistling backstage are just a sampling of the multitude of time-honored theatre traditions.

But the Ghostlight , a single bulb left burning whenever a theatre is dark, is one superstition that's also proven itself a modern theatre necessity.

About Ghosts and Safety

For the spirits of the theatre a Ghostlight should always burn in an empty theatre at night. This Ghostlight serves to illuminate the stage so that the theatre spirits can do their performances and bring their long gone great moments back to the stage. - This shall prevent the theatre spirits from disturbing regular performances with their pranks.

But there is also a little less romantic explanation for the ghostlight: Safety.
That light ensures that no one takes an accidental tumble off the stage into the orchestra pit when working late.

But the Ghostlight also sets a sign: We'll be back!

Our Ghostlight stands for the promise to retake the stages again. So that we and the whole event industry can again do what is our passion and what our hearts beat for as soon as possible!

And GLPs hearts beat for: LICHT!


It is hard for me to put into words what I am feeling after countless conversations with friends, business partners and employees.

How I would have liked to meet you at one of the canceled shows instead of having to write these lines.

But one thing is clear: the GLP family is standing together and we will also face this global crisis together. Even if it is currently still very difficult to predict how this "dynamic situation" will develop, we have implemented all the necessary measures to continue to be there for you and to maintain our service level. In the past few days we have focused on ensuring consistently good accessibility and making almost all of our employees fully capable of working from home. The expression “digitalisation” has become reality almost overnight.

No matter what restrictions may come next: we will be with you for as long as possible.

I personally wish for all of us that we will remain hopeful and that we will rise above the bitter situations that are probably unavoidable. I hope and trust that we will be helped by the strong sense of community that I feel everywhere.


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